Beckett on Film – A Chronology


1906 Samuel Barclay Beckett is born on 13 April to a middle-class Protestant family, Dublin, Ireland.
1920-1923 Attends Portora Royal School (Northern Ireland).
1923-1927 BA (Modern Literature: French and Italian) Trinity College, Dublin.
1928 Joins teaching staff of Campbell College, Belfast.
1928-1930 Exchange teacher (English), École Normale Supérieure, Paris.
1930-1932 Assistant lecturer (French), Trinity College, Dublin.
1931 First drama sketch – Le Kid (parody).
1931 Literary criticism Proust published.
1933 Father dies.
1934 Short story collection More Pricks Than Kickspublished.
1935 Verse Echoís Bones and Other Precipitatespublished.
1938 Novel Murphy published. Beckett is stabbed in the street by a stranger and nursed by Suzanne Deschevaux-Dumesnil.
1942 Member of French Resistance; escapes Gestapo.
1945-1946 Employed by Red Cross, Normandy.
1947 Drama Eleutheria (still unperformed) and the novel Molloy completed.
1949 En attendant Godot and the novel Malone Diescompleted.
1950 Novel The Unnamable completed. Mother dies.
1951 Molloy and Malone Dies published, Paris.
1952 En attendant Godot published, Paris.
1953 En attendant Godot première, Paris; novel, Watt, published.
1954 Waiting for Godot published in English, New York.
1955 Waiting for Godot premièred, London
1956 Act Without Words 1 and 11 written.
1957 All That Fall radio play broadcast by BBC;Endgame written and premièred, London; Act Without Words 1 premièred, London.
1958 Krapp’s Last Tape written and premièred, London.
1959 BBC radio play Embers broadcast; awarded Italia Prize.
Late 1950s Rough for Theatre I and Rough for Theatre II written.
1960 Act Without Words II premièred, London; Happy Days written.
1961 Happy Days premièred, New York; Rough for Radio 1 written. Beckett marries Suzanne Deschevaux-Dumesnil.
1962 Radio play Words and Music broadcast by BBC.
1963-1964 Play written and premièred in West Germany; radio play Cascando broadcast in France.
1965 Film, Beckett’s only film, starring Buster Keaton, premièred in New York; Come and Go written.
1966 Eh Joe television play broadcast, BBC London.
1968 Come and Go premièred, Dublin.
1969 Nobel Prize for Literature awarded; Breath written and premièred in New York.
1972 Not I written and premièred, New York.
1974-75 That Time written.
1975 Footfalls written.
1975 Rough for Theatre I, Rough for Theatre II andRough for Radio 11 first published in English, That Time and Footfalls published.
1977 … but the clouds … television play broadcast, BBC London.
1979 Ghost Trio television play broadcast, BBC London;A Piece of Monologue written.
1980 A Piece of Monologue premièred, New York;Rockaby and Ohio Impromptu written.
1981 Rockaby premièred, New York; Ohio Impromptu premièred, Ohio State University.
1982 Catastrophe written and premièred in Avignon, France.
1983 What Where written and premièred in New York.
1989 Beckett dies on 22 December in Paris.