Do I need Florida Renters Insurance?

Most Florida tenants do not think they need Florida renters insurance. Did you know that as a renter there is still a major risk of losing your possessions due to a fire, burglary, water damages, or other unexpected events? It’s important to know that your landlord’s insurance will not protect you at all. A standard renters insurance policy from will be able to provide you with the following coverage: Replacement Cost Coverage – If any of your personal property is damaged, your policy will replace it as new. Loss of Use – This simply means if for some reason your home becomes too damaged to live in, you will be provided with additional living expenses, for example, temporary housing. Personal Liability Coverage – This is important as it will protect you against a potential lawsuit if a visitor happens to become injured on your property. Renters insurance in Florida is great if you have a college student. This is because a policy will protect all of the expensive items your child takes with them. We all know the dangers of off-campus apartments, it’s a honeypot for thieves. For example, computers and smartphones are among the many things thieves take. Be smart and purchase a policy in order to avoid the high-end costs of replacing items.

Does FL Renters Insurance offer discounts?

Did you know you can bundle and save? Start saving money on your policy by bundling policies today. There is no greater feeling than knowing you or your child’s belongings are completely protected. The only requirement is a small premium each month.

How does it work?

Florida renters insurance works like any other policy. Once you purchase a policy your belongings will be covered from fire, theft, water, smoke, and other damages. No one wants to imagine losing all of their possessions but a renters policy is affordable. Starting around $20 each month, you too can experience the protection of policy. Look at this way, if the worst happens, are you able to financially replace everything? Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your financial future.Remember one of the most common mistakes renters make is thinking that a landlords policy will cover them. This is simply not true! A landlord’s policy will usually only cover the building, not the contents inside. Be smart and purchase a policy here. You will be glad that you did!


Getting Better Florida Auto Insurance Quotes With Theft Prevention Devices

If you live in an area where high crime is a problem, especially auto theft, your insurance rates may reflect that fact. Insurance premiums are affected by location according to and can cost more in some areas of the country than in others. One way you can reduce the impact is by installing anti-theft devices to deter criminals from selecting your car.

Best Theft Prevention Devices

One of the best devices you can purchase to protect your car from theft is the steering-wheel lock. This product goes over the wheel and locks it into place so that it cannot move. It is an affordable way to prevent thieves from stealing your car.

A kill switch disables portions of the vehicle’s electrical system. Some of the newer models already have this feature built into the car’s system. Even for those that don’t have it, it is relatively easy to install. However, you will need to check with your car’s warranty to ensure you are not voiding it.

Hood locks also protect your car from having parts stolen for sale. Tire locks provide the same protection for your wheels. However, they can be a nuisance to dismantle if you use your car every day. Alarms are always a good option since they draw attention from people in the area. You may want to combine them with a hood lock to prevent the thief from unplugging the alarm from the battery.

A vehicle tracking system won’t prevent your car from getting stolen but it will let you know where it is so that law enforcement can find it and return it. OnStar is perhaps the best known of these systems and can alert the police to the car’s whereabouts. LoJack is another company that works with law enforcement to protect your car. It activates once the car has been reported as stolen and increases the likelihood that your car will be found while still in one piece.

All of these devices can lower the prices on your auto insurance quotes. Mention them to your insurance agent or list them when obtaining online quotes.

Other Protection

While it may not make much difference with your auto insurance quotes at, using common sense is the best deterrent from theft. Be aware of where you park and always lock your car. When you park in a public place, find a spot close to parking lot lights to deter thieves. Never leave anything of value in plain sight in your car. Do not leave your car running even in your driveway as this makes it easy for a thief to jump in and take off with your car.

Theft prevention devices can cost money, but they can save you in the long run if it prevents a thief from picking your car. They may also lower your insurance premiums and pay for themselves quickly.


What is the average cost of South Florida Homeowners Insurance?

Purchasing a home in South Florida means that you are responsible for taking care of a number of matters before, during, and even after the acquisition of your new house. One of the things that should be at the top of your to-do list concerns South Florida homeowners insurance.

How much is the average cost of South Florida Homeowners Insurance?

The average cost of a policy here in south Florida is around $3,500 annually. In fact, its higher than the national average. In order to find a policy that will fit your budget, you will definitely need to shop around. Also be aware of discounts that some insurance companies can provide you with.

South Florida Homeowners Insurance Shopping

There are naturally several components to consider when choosing the best South Florida homeowners insurance company for your home and specific needs according to

  • The type of home you’re purchasing insurance for.
  • Where the home is located.
  • How the terms and conditions of the coverage favors you.
  • How much the coverage is ultimately going to cost you.
  • The company’s reputation for overall customer service.
  • The company’s reputation for processing claims.

These are all things that are worth researching. For those who find the process of choosing South Florida homeowners insurance to be a little intimidating, don’t worry. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has a phenomenal website that’s designed to make the process of finding a worthwhile South Florida homeowner’s insurance carrier quite straightforward.

Simply visit the Florida Insurance Quotes website at, choose the area of Florida in which you are planning to move to, and examine the list of potential carriers. The reviews for this website have been consistently excellent since its launch a few years ago. Choosing a carrier that’s going to provide your home and your valuables with comprehensive insurance is no longer something that has to be intensely stressful. You should be able to find a rate that will ultimately safeguard you in every way.

If you’re planning a move to South Florida, flood insurance is also going to be something you’ll want to take very seriously. Those who are unfamiliar with the type of weather South Florida is prone to fail to appreciate the implications of not having insurance to protect against the damage caused by hurricanes. It’s a commonly accepted fact that South Floridians can experience some pretty brutal weather events all throughout the year, but this is particularly true during hurricane season. If you’re moving to a South Florida area that’s notorious for being prone to flooding during the summer season and beyond, flood insurance is going to be an essential aspect of your efforts to secure the best homeowners insurance possible.