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The Work

The work The Complete Dramatic Works (Faber, 1986) £15.99.
All 19 of the plays in the Beckett on Film season, plus another 13 short plays for radio and film.

More Pricks Than Kicks (Calder, 1972) £8.99.
An early work which shows Beckett’s style evolving, these short stories contain nine episodes from the life of Belaqua, a Dublin youth.

Murphy (Calder, 1993) £9.99.
Written in 1935, Beckett’s early novel is about Murphy, an unemployed Irishman in London. It is the last of his novels to be set in a recognisable location.

Watt (Calder, 1970) £9.99.
A study in obsession, written during Beckett’s stay in Roussillion during the Second World War, this fragmented novel about the abused and bemused Watt has been cited as evidence that Beckett had a nervous breakdown at the time.

The Trilogy: Malloy, Malone Dies and The Unnameable (Calder, 1956) £11.99.
One volume containing Beckett’s three main novels, usually acknowledged as the highpoint of his career. Four narrative voices grapple with the meaning of life – an overpowering literary experience.

Worstward Ho (Calder, 1998) £3.
Written in 1981, this short piece shows how Beckett’s late style involved using a narrator to conjure images out of nothingness.

Collected Poems (Calder, 1998) £9.99.
A selection of Beckett’s poems, including early work such as ‘Whoroscope’, plus the later philosophical poems and some that were written in French.

Proust, and three dialogues with Georges Duthuit (Calder, 1987) £6.99.
Written in 1931, Beckett’s essay on Proust offers an extraordinary insight into his views on literature. Plus his talks about art and life with his art-critic friend Duthuit.

I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On: A selection from Samuel Beckett’s work edited by Richard W Seaver (Grove, 1991) £12.99.
A good selection which shows the full range of Beckett’s fiction, including poems and extracts from the main novels. The introduction by Richard W Seaver is a bonus.