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Lindsay-Hogg on Beckett

'Every culture can relate to Waiting for Godot,' says Michael Lindsay-Hogg. 'It is written with great rigour and definition. Beckett creates an amazing blend of comedy, high wit and an almost unbearable poignancy in a funny yet heartbreaking image of man's fate.

'Waiting for Godot is such a good play that the camera, if it is in the right place at the right time, just has to pick those moments and emphasise them, making Beckett's rare and extraordinary words all the more intimate.

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'The play is about what it is about. Samuel Beckett would have said it's about two men waiting on the side of the road for someone to turn up. But you can invest in the importance of who is going to turn up. Is it a local farmer? Is it God? Is it salvation? Or is it simply someone who just doesn't show up?

'The important thing is the ambiguity – the fact that it doesn't really state what it is. That's why it's so great for the audience to be part of it – they fill in a lot of the blanks. It works in their imaginations.

'For me, Beckett's view of the world is quite sadly accurate. We are all really just bugs in the carpet.'

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