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Beckett, Samuel

This Encyclopaedia Britannica entry is a good place to start for beginners wishing for an overview of Beckett’s life and work.

The Beckett International Foundation

Housed in Reading University Library, the foundation administers the resources of the Beckett Collection, the largest collection of his manuscripts and papers.

The Samuel Beckett Endpage

Maintained by the Samuel Beckett Society, and designed by the English Department of the University of California at Santa Barbara, this is an authoritative site dealing with Beckett’s work.

The Samuel Beckett Society

An international association of scholars, students and theatre-makers, which publishes an biannual newsletter.

The Samuel Beckett Centre

The Samuel Beckett Centre houses the School of Drama of Trinity College, as well as the Samuel Beckett Theatre and the Dublin University Players Theatre. The website offers information on courses and research.

The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Page

Extensive links to biographies, plays, film clips and reviews.
An Appreciation of Samuel Beckett by John Montague
Written as an obituary, this interesting piece by someone who knew Beckett examines the writer’s life and times.

My Friend Samuel Beckett

A colourful and intriguing piece about Beckett by Israel Horovitz.

An Outsider in His Own Life

An evocative and informative article on Beckett by Morris Dickstein of the New York Times.

Samuel Beckett Reading Lists

An Oxford University website which gives a full list of Beckett’s work and many titles of commentaries about it.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive: Samuel Beckett

Details of the 1969 Nobel Prize for literature, awarded to Beckett.

Samuel Beckett and Existentialism in Waiting for Godot

A brief beginner’s guide to the influence of the French existential philosophical movement on Beckett’s first play.

The Absurdity of Samuel Beckett

Czechoslovakia’s Centre for Comparative Cultural Studies has a detailed and informative student’s guide to Beckett and Absurdism.

About Samuel Beckett

Grade Saver student notes about Beckett’s life and work.