Most Florida tenants do not think they need Florida renters insurance. Did you know that as a renter there is still a major risk of losing your possessions due to a fire, burglary, water damages, or other unexpected events? It’s important to know that your landlord’s insurance will not protect you at all. A standard renters insurance policy from will be able to provide you with the following coverage: Replacement Cost Coverage – If any of your personal property is damaged, your policy will replace it as new. Loss of Use – This simply means if for some reason your home becomes too damaged to live in, you will be provided with additional living expenses, for example, temporary housing. Personal Liability Coverage – This is important as it will protect you against a potential lawsuit if a visitor happens to become injured on your property. Renters insurance in Florida is great if you have a college student. This is because a policy will protect all of the expensive items your child takes with them. We all know the dangers of off-campus apartments, it’s a honeypot for thieves. For example, computers and smartphones are among the many things thieves take. Be smart and purchase a policy in order to avoid the high-end costs of replacing items.

Does FL Renters Insurance offer discounts?

Did you know you can bundle and save? Start saving money on your policy by bundling policies today. There is no greater feeling than knowing you or your child’s belongings are completely protected. The only requirement is a small premium each month.

How does it work?

Florida renters insurance works like any other policy. Once you purchase a policy your belongings will be covered from fire, theft, water, smoke, and other damages. No one wants to imagine losing all of their possessions but a renters policy is affordable. Starting around $20 each month, you too can experience the protection of policy. Look at this way, if the worst happens, are you able to financially replace everything? Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your financial future.Remember one of the most common mistakes renters make is thinking that a landlords policy will cover them. This is simply not true! A landlord’s policy will usually only cover the building, not the contents inside. Be smart and purchase a policy here. You will be glad that you did!